Yoga Chew Valley


What is Yoga? Well, it is a spiritual practice that makes a connection between the body and the mind, in the easiest manners. Our body and mind are the two most integral parts of our overall wellbeing. Problems, in the brain or the body, start to occur when the connection between the brain and body gets lost. So, opting to a healthy lifestyle embedded with everyday yoga practice brings utmost benefits to not only physical health but the mental health as well. 

Here some of the benefits of Yoga for mental health: 

Helps in Alleviating Stress:

Yoga is another name of relaxation. Yoga poses are most effective because they fight against the negative thoughts producing hormones, and elevate the positive growth of happy hormones. There are lots of kinds of happy hormones. According to several studies conducted on females, within three months Yoga for mental health brought positive impacts on the health of women who did it. 

Helps to Control Anxiety:

There are negative hormones in our body such as cortisol that produces negative thoughts of fear, complex, and bring anxiety. Now, what yoga does is, it helps in reducing the Cortisol production and stimulates the parasympathetic brain muscles. This activation brings happy hormones in the action and thus, thoughts of fear become less and less. According to studies, women with negative thoughts when performed yoga showed very positive results after three months of yoga practice.

Helps in Reducing Brain Strokes:

Yoga is a practice that we do from outside, but it starts bringing results from the inside. The blood circulation, if not happening in the right manners, it cannot only defects your physical health but mental health as well. During yoga, the circulatory system of the body gets activated. Now, this activation helps in fighting against the mental issues as well as physical health problems such as cardiac arrest and brain strokes etc.

Helps in Fighting Depression:

Last but not least, yoga for mental health, helps in fighting against depression. Depression is the occurrence of the negative thoughts that come in the brain of people who are not so active towards life. When the activity in life is less the energy in the brain starts moving towards negativities and thus, it brings depressive thoughts. Yoga helps in activating your body and using that energy for positive physical actions. In this way, depression gets alleviated. 

These are only a few benefits of yoga but when you will start practicing it in real life; you will come to find a lot more benefits. 

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