Yoga Chew Valley



Our clients love what we do here at Yoga Chew Valley, here they are in their own words.

I had tried one or two yoga classes before in the past but basically a beginner. Recently moved to the area. I was nervous about joining a class and looking silly if I couldn’t do the poses, or making mistakes.
Instead, what I found was it was really welcoming and everyone helped new people feel comfortable, extra attention given to help feel confident when first started. M flexibility has improved and my strength has built over the last few years of attending, as well as improved confidence and trust in what my body can achieve. The friendly instructors and friendly members make it a social gathering as well as a fitness/yoga class. Although I still struggle to be mindful in the meditation at the end, I find that while doing the poses and the flow I’m able to be in that moment and this gives me an escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life.
I remember when I first started and trying to do the bind in a seated twist. I remember thinking it was impossible, my arms wouldn’t bend that way. This has been similar with other bind poses. However, with time and patience I got there. As well as that, I still haven’t mastered the wheel but I can do it and I couldn’t even do that as a child. It makes me believe that what seems impossible is possible.
Before joining the studio, I was just seeing a personal trainer once a week. I was concerned about being a ‘newbie’ and finding the venue. I found the whole process very welcoming, with caring and down to earth people. I only just started yoga last October so am really new to this and at no time do any of your teachers make me feel like I can’t do the sessions. I also like the on demand service as I work full time and it means I can dip in as and when (and not be seen if I can’t do a pose). Personally I have really taken to yoga and it has helped me enormously from balance, mental wellbeing, posture, back pain. Sometimes it feels hard but that is good as I am stretching myself and I am loving it! Each teacher is different and I also love that variety.
I have just moved to the area from Bristol and didn’t know anyone. I was looking around for a class that would suit me as I was used to doing yoga classes regularly for a number of years. I was doing a bit of home practice and trying out the odd local class. I saw Yoga Chew Valley website and signed up for a free taster class. I just turned up and found it to be a really welcoming space with lovely people who were willing to say hello and chat. I think Ann-See and the other teachers are really good at setting the tone at the studio so that it is friendly whilst being thoughtful about their yoga practice and what they are teaching. I’ve been attending the studio and latterly doing Zoom classes at Yoga Chew Valley for 4 ½ years and don’t plan to change. The number of classes and times mean that you can practice regularly even if your work schedule is changeable which is the case for me. I really like the teachers who are all very knowledgeable and approachable. I have also made friends there. The best result I’ve got from being a member is a regular practice with people I trust who are happy to have a laugh.


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