Yoga Chew Valley


Our Story


You deserve open-hearted support to guide you on your path to total wellbeing.

We are here for you. 

I know just how challenging it can be to look after yourself, to put yourself first and to stay on course with maintaining your physical and emotional wellbeing. I have been there myself and I have helped thousands over the last three decades. 

And I will be honest with you and say that it is an ongoing journey; one that is made easier with the support of like-minded people and a teacher who understands the challenges you are going through. My personal journey is one that involved searching for the right approach to life and finding a teacher that shared the same values I did.

In my twenties, whilst a senior lecturer at a university, I burnt out. I was burning the candle at both ends and whilst I was teaching yoga and group fitness classes on top of lecturing, I did nothing for me.  I stopped investing in my health and wellbeing, and it took me a few years to come out the other side.

Since then, it is something I am very conscious and passionate about, and have spent time and money on me, and I decided to share what I have learnt and my approach to yoga and to life with others around the world. 

When my partner, Mr Kim, and I moved to the Chew Valley in 2013, we decided to put some roots down and share the yoga love. I started teaching out of the Chew Stoke Church Hall and Winford Village Hall, and within a couple of months, also teaching out of St Andrew’s Church Hall in Chew Magna. Within a couple of years, we launched Yoga Chew Valley, a dedicated space for yoga, in Bishop Sutton.

What I had not realised is that my simplistic approach to yoga and wellbeing would eventually work for so many others, and what started as one class in a village hall and become a boutique studio space that offers other approaches to yoga, as well as pilates and Les Mills BODYBALANCE™.

This works. I know this because I live it.

And it will work for you, with consistent practice and loving support.

Yes, of course you can go it alone, but the journey is so much sweeter with yummy people around you. 

No more doing it alone. No second-guessing. Just get on your mat and join us. 

We are here to love you, to hold space for you, to help you grow and to breathe with you.

We have been waiting for you this whole time.

Welcome home.


Why do you need my phone number? We need your phone number so that we can contact you to discuss what your requirements are and get you booked on to the right class.