Yoga Chew Valley


Meet the Team

Here is our core team of teachers, and Mr Kim! We do have guest and support teachers that have ongoing classes.

Yoga Chew Valley Instructor - Tracy

Tracy Anne Bartlett


  • Nickname: None.
  • Mantra: Making every day, every moment positive and amazing.
  • Turning point: After training in ‘Exercise to Music’ and BODYBALANCE™, found which direction I wanted to take, so I trained in ‘Pilates’, it felt right, best thing I did.
  • Passions: Climbing mountains, Appreciating life, admiring views and living for today.
Yoga Chew Valley Instructor - Elaine

Elaine Trotman


  • Nickname: Syd (not used in years) or ‘Laine.
  • Mantra: Every little bit helps.
  • Turning point: I had said no twice and ignored the third time I was asked (how rude) when a class had to be cancelled at the studio and I thought to myself “if I had said when they asked me if I wanted to do the Ambassador’s course, I could have taught the class for them”, so next time I saw Mr Kim I said yes.
  • Passions: My yoga both on and off the mat; music – playing my piano; my dog, my son and hubby; pollution and what we have done to this world; my garden (I love picking the vegetables I have grown) and seeing the flowers that return year after year; (this year the hedgehogs are returning to my garden). I love people in all shapes and sizes.
Yoga Chew Valley Instructor - Kathy

Kathy Fitzpatrick

Power Yoga

  • Nickname: Kathy or Kat.
  • Mantra: I have several – I love a good mantra! One of my faves is ‘what will be is up to me’.
  • Turning point: I have practised yoga for many years and it has got me though some really challenging times in my life. Knowing how much my practice helped me deal with some tough situations made me want to share this fantastic tool with others. I love that there is a style or an aspect of yoga that will get you through anything life throws at you.
  • Passions: I am passionate about my family, 2 legged and 4 legged, and I have a great circle of friends who mean the world to me. I love to travel – I am happiest on a sunny beach with good people & a yoga mat!
Yoga Chew Valley Instructor - Zoe

Zoë Mortimore


  • Nickname: Little Zoe, no others that I know of!
  • Mantra: If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.
  • Turning point: After realising that my hobby could potentially be a job. I was encouraged to take the leap by my sister and Ann-See. I’m loving the direction it has taken me, and it has reignited my passion for learning.
  • Passions: Happiness! My family, friends and my extended yoga family, and of course my pets. I love seeing people do well, to progress, and I like to make people smile.
Yoga Chew Valley Instructor - Ann-See

Ann-See Yeoh

MYplay, BODYBALANCE™ and Co-Owner

  • Nickname: Agnes (from Despicable Me?!)
  • Mantra: If it is to be, it’s up to me.
  • Turning point: I started my yoga teacher training over 25 years ago because I wanted to learn more about yoga philosophy, not because I wanted to teach. A couple of years into that, I was asked to be involved with the launch of BODYBALANCE™ in the United Kingdom. I had no idea what was involved. I said yes. Attended the training, and here I am, 20 years later and still training instructors to teach BODYBALANCE™.
  • Passions: Personal Development, I love it! And I am also partial to a good movie or TV series.
Yoga Chew Valley Instructor - Jo

Jo Derrick

Now Yoga

  • Nickname: Jojo
  • Mantra: One step at a time.
  • Turning point: There was no turning point, It just happened organically. Even doing my teacher training I didn’t think I was going to teach!
  • Passions: Living a conscience and authentic life, by this I mean setting a good example for my children, for future generations, to be kind to each other and to our planet.
Yoga Chew Valley - Kim

Mr Kim Hambley

Co-Owner and Chief Evangelist

  • Nickname: Kimbo.
  • Mantra: It’s what you do next that counts.
  • Turning point: I had open heart surgery in 2011 and that was a massive turning point for me. It changed my perspective as well as my life. I see my life post surgery as the next chapter of my life. Whilst I do not teach any of the classes, I am the main point of contact for our members and I am our teachers’ biggest cheerleader.
  • Passions: Veganism. Music. Film. Football.


Why do you need my phone number? We need your phone number so that we can contact you to discuss what your requirements are and get you booked on to the right class.